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February 20, 2006
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Windsor, Pa
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'94 Ranger
I have a '91 Explorer 4.0 auto 4X4 with an electrical issue that is driving me nuts!! My issue starts with no hazard or brake lights. The 40 amp fuse in the power control box keeps blowing (feeds the fuse panel inside) I am also having the 25 amp circuit breaker heating up prior to the fuse blowing. It gets hot to the touch.

This is a list of what works: Inst. panel illumination, frt. washer wipers, dome/courtesy lights, radio, blower motor, park/ lisc plate lamps, pwr windows, pwr doors, gas gauge, cluster lamps, under hood light, elec. fuel pump, head lights, turn signals, parking lights, back up lights, fuel gauge, oil/temp idiot gauges, door chime, rear wiper, 4X4 switch.

Now the list of what does not work; brake lights, 4 way flashers, voltmeter, horn, ac does not click on when turned on. The fuse for the brake lights/hazards lights did not blow.

So far I have switched the alternator to a known good one. changed the battery to a known good one, replaced the brake light switch, replaced the 25 amp circuit breaker and unhooked the trailer wiring as it was corroded.

I would appreciate any feedback on what I am missing!!