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Electrical issue with blend door actuator or EATC


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March 8, 2014
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Denver, Colorado
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1997 Ford Explorer
I have a 97 Eddie Bauer Explorer with EATC. Periodically, the blend door does not respond to the electronic temperature control, but if I reset the system by temporarily disconnecting power from the battery, everything works fine for awhile. Here's some additional background: I replaced the blend door in the heater box using the www.heatertreater.net fix and I've verified the new door moves freely. I also replaced the blend door actuator with the appropriate Dorman replacement. Seems to me that the root issue is either a defective actuator or a concern with the EATC. I am considering replacing the actuator with the OEM version and/or replacing the EATC module. I don't have an electrical schematic of the system and, even if I did, I probably don't have the expertise to diagnose this concern. Thanks in advance for any ideas.

The Dorman DID NOT work properly for me.

The Ford unit has worked like a charm.