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electrical issue


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January 29, 2014
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2005 explorer sport trac
I have a 2005 explorer sport trac. Engine light has been flickering for months, had it tested at autozone no problems found. Battery is 1 yr old. Today after driving for about 30 min. Abs light came on and after turning engine off, tried to restart. Dash lights came on with a clicking noise but wouldn't start. Jumped off and let run for about 20 minutes, headed to autozone for battery check and it died when backing out. Removed battery took to autozone. They said it showed 12 volts but only 23% charged?? Guy at az says its alternator or voltage issue.Put battery back in and it cranked right up drove home (about 7miles) halfway there, clock flickering, head lights dimming until no lights in truck and no headlights. Any thoughts??

Corroded battery cables? Corrosion in the power distribution box under the hood?

That's where I would start looking.