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Electrical issues and swaying issues


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August 29, 2015
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I got a 2007 Ford Explorer Ironman edition. For a while every time I pushed on the gas above about 40mph the entire vehicle shook like crazy. But I got that fixed it was a rear drivers side driveshaft and ball bearing. But now while driving on a dry road. It pretty much is swaying back and forth if I hit a bump. It feels like if I run over a man hole cover (just a slight bump) the back end feels like it kicks out. Any ideas?
Also now it has an electrical issue. Whenever I push on the gas the interior dome lights, dash cluster and air control lights turn off. Then when I slow down or push on the breaks they all turn on and my dash turns back on with an abs light, traction control light, passenger airbag light and says my left headlights out. Half the time the entire dash shuts down but the other half the time the dash works but isn’t lit and says to check charging system. I am not sure what is going on and I don’t know where to turn because I know dealerships are more expensive then I want and they generally can’t find some issues and point the wrong direction and fix stuff that doesn’t entirely need fixed. It also is like a ticking noise that last a few seconds when I press on the gas. I think it might be like a crossed wire but I never have time to be able to look because I work so much and never can go into detail to look and try to find the issue. Any ideas?

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The swaying back and fourth is most likely your rear coilover shocks being bad. I am not good at electrical but sounds like a short or worst case computer issue.

I suspect rear struts are bad

If original struts, all 4 need to be replaced.

Thanks for the help. I also have subs in there and have had them turned off for a week or two and it seems to have stopped the main electrical issue. Still gotta take it in for the swaying

I have the same issue with my 2007 in regards to the rear end stepping out when I hit a manhole cover. In regards to the electrical issues, my 2007 is also plagued with them. The engine wiring harness on these 06-08 Explorers are prone to deteriorating prematurely and the coating literally crumbles, causing wires to short and all sorts of things to go haywire. I've had to replace a bunch of pigtails/connectors on mine which has solved a lot of really weird electrical issues since the wires were destroyed but eventually I'm just gonna have the whole engine wiring harness swapped out.

I have the same issue with my 2007 in regards to the rear end stepping out when I hit a manhole cover.”
That’s exactly what happens whenever I go over manhole covers. Did you ever figure out yours? I’m taking it into the shop end of the week to get it checked out and worked on. And Thankyou for the electrical advise. Much appreciated

My right rear shock is leaking and is bad. Coupled with the others have said here, I believe thats the reason why the rear end is stepping out the way it does.
Your welcome in regards to the electrical issues. Mine has had so many lol