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Electrical Problem (turn signal)


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July 2, 2001
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Tempe, Arizona
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1998 V8 AWD Mounty
I just bought a 91 explorer a couple of weeks ago. When I first bought it, everything worked fine except for the right turn signal indicator DASH light would work for a couple flashes, and then dim out. The right turn signals on the exterior would continue to flash normally though(front & back).
-As of this week both stopped working properly. When I turn on my right turn signal, the dash indicator lights up, but will not flash(just stays lit). The rear right turn signal & brake light don't work at all now! (the front right turn signal lights up, but doesn't flash....just like the dash light.)

-Ihave checked all fuses, and Light bulbs.
Anybody have suggestions


I was all set to say it's for sure the bulb, then I see at the end, you say you checked it. Well, did you just look at it, or did you try another bulb? I've had the same thing happen, and the bulb filament looks good, but isn't. I'll bet a new bulb in the right rear taillight will fix it.

Yes....I did replace the bulb. I know its not a bulb problem becuase the Turn signal indicator and the front right turn signal will not flash. (just stay lit.)

Could this have anything to do with the Explorer Turn signal relay wiring? (My left turn signal, parking lights, and left brake light all work fine)