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Electrical problems (4x4,A/C,turn Signal


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November 12, 2015
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1999 ford explorer
OK so in the past week my 4x4, A/C, and turn signal have just stopped working the 4x4 when I change the nob from auto to 4x4 hi nothing no light on the dash and it doesn't engage I just replace my bcm and no change I checked the fuses in the panel and none seem blone and the 20A one in the relay box is fine as for the A/C when I turn it on it just blows hot air I mean it could need to be recharged but it never has needed it in the past and with all three of thees things happening at once I don't think thats it the turn signal just doesn't work the hi beam and hazards do just not the turn signal so im stumped and dont no where else to go any help would be appreciated o all this started shortly after I blew the fuse for the cigar lighter but I think thats a coincident it is a 99 explorer sport