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Electrical problems


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August 22, 2009
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Traverse City, MI
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1995 Explorer Sport,95XLT
So I bought a 1995 XLT off of Craigslist, Owner said it needed a starter, towed it home, replaced starter,Turns over good, no power to Windows, Fuel pump, no spark,All fuses good. Found they replaced upper solenoid and put grey fusible wire on wrong post, The dome lights are intermittent and when you lock it with the remote a red theft light is on steady on the dash. My question is, Is there a central point where the fuel pump, ignition(pcm) and door locks and power windows get there power from? I'm not finding anything in the wiring diagram that is helping me. Check engine light does not come on when you turn the key on. I done different searches and can't find anything. I have a1995 sport also should I swap out the PCM?
Thank You in advance.


Surely someone must have an Idea where I need to look?

maybe I am confused.... but what "central point" are your looking for???? Its the fuse box or power distribution box if you want fusing / protection or the battery post if you don't ... confused????

I have power to Interior lights, power locks, Wipers, horn, heater fan, just no power to major items like power windows ,PCM, Fuel pump, starter turns over(new) could it be the ignition switch? what I'm asking is there a junction point other than 1st solenoid, or power distribution?