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Elusive Vibration


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August 13, 2006
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Fayetteville, AR
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93 XLT 4DR
I have been fighting a vibration for a while now on the passenger side. With my 33's the vibration excites causing the outer seal on the passenger side to leak. I mounted a set of 29s and the vibrations diminishes and the leak nearly disappears. The tires are worn but have been rotated and don't appear to be irregularly worn. The wheel bearing has about 40k on it and the CV less than 10k. I have ran through recommended tests for ball joints and bearings. I get nothing. The drivers side doesn't leak at all.

When I turn the wheel at highway speeds the vibration increases slightly. The joint at the CV and inner axle shaft is a touch loose but not bad. Am I overlooking something? Any suggestions for other tests? Are there different sized cir-clips to take up the slack?

Thanks for the help.