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Email addresses..


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January 17, 2000
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I've deleted the following block of email addresses:

1) anything with in it's name (no longer exists)
2) anything with in it's name (no longer exists)

This removed about 425 bogus email addresses from the forum database.

I will also start removing email addresses from the forum database if your email address generates a 550 or 554 SMTP error code. 550 means "no such mailbox", ie you entered a bogus email address; 554 is the same thing, but it's been returned to Postmaster (Yahoo! does this..)

Sometimes, some mail systems returns a 550 error code when it should not.. I can do nothing for you; there are just too many bogus email addresses clogging up the system and sucking down need CPU cycles.

If you are subscribed to threads and/or are supposed to get an email when PM'd, and you are not getting these, then please check your email address for correctness. Many are simply plain wrong or bogus. Some of you even have spam filters blocking email from

Thank you for you support.