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Emissions Readiness Test


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February 21, 2005
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Hamburg, NJ
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96 Eddie Bauer
I/M Readiness Test


Hello All,

I have not been able to get my 1996 Explorer Eddie Bauer 4.0 thru the New Jersey state emissions testing.

I have a OBD2 scanner and am able to do a drive cycle and have all the parameters "ready" but as soon as I turn off the ignition, it says that the EGR, CAT, EVAP, O2Sensor, and O2Sensor heater is incomplete.

I had it checked at my local Ford dealer and they replaced an 02 sensor that they said was bad and told me to go thru the drive cycle which I have done several times. Like I stated earlier, I do the drive cycle and the OBD2 monitor/scanner reads ALL ready after a few miles. I turn the ignition off and those five parameters are "Not Ready" again.

I tried to ask the people at the Motor Vehicle inspection station not to turn the vehicle off before they do the test since when I pull in there my scanner tells me everything is ready and they tell me they can't do that. I even showed them the scanner when it says ready and they tell me they have to check the "Check Engine Light" first. I asked them to check the light after the test, they said no.

Anyone have any experience with this problem or know what I can do?

I have no codes at all and the check engine light works and has never come on since I replaced the engine in 2010. My old engine had a bad cylinder #4 , so I replaced it and passed inspection with this current motor in 2010.

Thanks, Mike


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March 23, 1999
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Parsippany, NJ
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1996 XLT
I'm going thru the same thing. I can't get my readiness tests complete. I'm in NJ. Engine replaced in 2012. Passed inspection in 12 and 14. Sat idle since. Guess I gotta check that fuse. My tests never complete tho. 3 of them specifically. O2 heater, and two others can't remember. Every time I get in car, they are not ready. Never drive long enough to see if they become ready I guess. It's been nearly 500 miles since I had service done and I know the battery was disconnected, but 500 miles should be more than enough, right?