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Empty signle din cover-up


March 26, 2003
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Atlanta, GA
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1996 Explorer XLT
I recently installed a single din cd/receiver in my 96 XLT. Does anyone have any ideas or pics of what I can do to cover up the empty din above my receiver? I installed the standard tray that came with the install unit. It is an enclosure that I guess I'm supposed to put crap in.

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I don't quite follow what you're saying... Did you get a dash kit included with the deck, or did you just use the metal can that came with it??? If you're just using the metal can and you can see inside the dash, what you need to do it go and get yourself a dash kit, that will solve your problem... They have them with a little pocket that you can put things in, or they have them that will center the deck and you'll have just plastic above and below it...

I installed the dash kit. It is the pocket where you can put things in. However, I am not too crazy about how this looks and would like to put something else there or cover it up more neatly. I don't need an equalizer since my receiver is fine for me as it is.

Do a search on this, there was a thread that people had posted pictures of the different things they did to cover it up.

Thanks for the help!!!

I have seen some people putting neon and little plaques in there.