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Engine block heater question


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February 3, 2004
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Rochester, MN
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'01 XLT
I was looking through the paperwork from when I purchased my used 2001 XLT, V-6. Listed on a 'window sticker' (well not exactly the window sticker, but very similar, and it had my VIN, options, mileage, etc on it, so it should be specific to my Explorer), I noticed "Engine, block heater".

How can I verify that I have the block heater ? I looked around under the hood for the plug-in cord, but could not find it. Where is the plug-in ?


Check around your front bumper. It's probably tucked up underneathe there somewhere. Or if you look under your X you could look for the wires around the bottom of the engine and trace the ones that go up towards the bumper. I'm 100% sure where they are located on the 3rd gens, but on the 2nd gens they come through the bumper opening above the airdam. Looks like a 3-prong plug with a cover on it.

Thanks for the info. I found it in the bumper, just to the passenger side of the front license plate. You can actually see the 'corrugated plastic' sheath cover for the cord 'clipped' to an opening in the bumper.

Now I'm looking forward to trying it out.