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Engine Codes Mystery!


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December 2, 2014
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1993 Ford Explorer XLT
Hello everyone. I pulled codes on my 93 Explorer XLT using the Key on engine off method and got back 6 codes. I did some research and found out what they mean but now I don't know how to fix the issue, or what specifically the issue might be.

Here are the codes:

335: EGR circuit higher/lower than expected
336: EGR Circuit Higher than expected/exhaust pressure high

186:injector pulse width longer than expected or MAF lower than expected
214: CID circuit failure.
-Cylinder identification.
-Camshaft position sensor
-crank sensor/ICM/cam sensor
332: Insufficient EGR flow
338: .....I have no idea.

If anyone has any thoughts or suggestions I would hugely appreciate it!

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Try disconnecting the battery for 2 minutes. Then drive it again and recheck the codes to be sure.

Multiple unrelated codes usually means bad PCM.

You will find varying opinions on the "paper clip" method.

I find it to be unreliable, and if you search this forum you will find at least two examples where the paper clip method fried the computer.

Use a scan tool.. . . ..

What are your symptoms what problems are you having with the motor. Also how did you get your codes. Paperclip method? I really don't like that method the flashes could be mis-read and send you fixing the wrong thing. Get a code reader there not that expensive and it gives you the code numbers.

I have this one. I think Autozone carries this exact one..

I was going to get one from autozone later today and used the "paperclip method" as a really quick check.

As far as symptoms, I turned on the truck a couple days ago and the exhaust smelled really rich, and when driving on the highway I would feel a slight hesitation in the acceleration that I don't remember being there normally. The CEL Initially only came on when accelerating around 2-3K RPM and after letting off the accelerator would turn back off, yesterday while on the highway it stayed on throughout the trip.

I'll try draining the power for a bit, but would a bad PCM cause the hesitation?

It could be a lot things can cause hisitation. Only giving you my experience when I had a hesitation issue it was the ECT engine coolant sensor. It could be a clogged fuel filter a weak fuel pump fouled spark plugs or bad spark plug wires lots of things can cause hesitation even bad gas! The only time I would suspect the ECU/PCM being bad is if you had replaced all sensors and still had the problem. But really just wait to get your code reader then you'll have a better chance narrowing in on the problem

Ok it's the DPFE.

Seen this before on my own rig. The CEL coming on at highway speed and then back off is the clue.

The other unrelated codes are caused buy the DPFE fail with the EGR wide open. Does all sorts of crazy stuff depending on if it failed due to corrosion, open or short circuit etc.

Mine fails regularly due to ethanol gas producing tons of water out the exhaust. The CEL on and off while driving is the DPFE every time on my truck.

Part number is EGR 151

It's this dude right here.

The truck in the pic has been modified to use the late model DPFE so that's an option as well. Haven't done it to mine yet, I just carry a spare.

Had to change it this weekend on my trip up to Flagstaff in the rain and snow. Seems to be a guaranteed fail when climbing to high altitude on my rig.

Got about an ounce of water out if it.

The DPFE I pulled is new so after drying and an alcohol rinse it'll be reusable.

FR-525, many thanks for identifying that problem. I noticed the CEL 'blink' a couple of times this winter and was going to replace the DPFE, but after disconnecting the battery (same issue, had multiple codes and wanted to narrow it down) the problem went away. They use 10% Ethanol around here also.

It's great to hear someone's dealt with the same problem! That's interesting, the CEL started coming on after a mountain trip.

Is there a specific manufacturer or supplier tha you got that part number for?