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Engine compatibilty?

I guess it would be one similar to those.

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All you need is a built 351w roller motor. You can easily get 400hp out of one and with a little custom work it will fit and you can keep a/c.

You can do that cheaper than finding, modding and installing a 4.6 unless you have a totaled mustang in your back yard for some reason

I spent 5K rebuilding the 4.6 thats going in my ranger, it has forged rods, forged flat top pistons (14:1 Static CR) and ARP Main and head studs along with some other goodies and all the machine work.

It is going to be an E85 burner and should be very efficient in my light weight ranger.

U srs?

They're the same truck, 1998 Ford Explorer SVT Tremor.