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engine cuts out at 3000 rpm otherwise fine

Jay R

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October 14, 2008
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92 ford explorer sport
This is a good one, engine (5 speed) cuts out at 3000 rpm's, totally shuts down, engine catches/restarts on its own but not until rpms fall all the way to zero on tack, seems perfectly fine otherwise, just drove it 300 miles, as long as you don't rev it/wind it up past 3000 rpm's. this happens whether vehicle is running on the road or in neutral. I suspect a computer problem? any other suggestions?, one thing I should add is when vehicle is idling it sounds a little stopped up, like maybe catalytic converter is getting clogged or there is a slight exhaust leak. I have wondered if the computer senses the backpressure at the higher rpms and causes the shut down.

92 explorer sport

did check the computer for codes.

On a '92, there's no sensor for exhaust backpressure, so the computer wouldn't have any way of knowing if the cats are blocked up. As suggested, the first step when you suspect a computer problem would be to pull codes. SEveral instructional threads around here: put EEC-IV self test or similar into this site's search engine (or even google if you want to see what's available internet wide).

My first thought on these systems might be to put a fuel pressure gauge on it. Your symptoms seem consistent with a weak fuel delivery system. The fuel pump etc. can keep up with engine demand at low speed, but at higher speed, the pressure drops off until the engine sputters. Once the fuel system gets caught back up again, the engine runs fine. Once you have a gauge, it wouldn't take long to check this hypothesis out.