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engine damage?


May 16, 2005
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Groveland, MA
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1998 XLT
There is this round plastic "thing" on the left side of my engine, sitting just under my exhaust manifold. it looks like a toilet float with two wires, and it is well, melted. what the heck is is and should i be worried?

haha it does look like a toilet float, i've seen it on here once before.
but that was long ago, and i dont remember. it must have not been very important. :D
if you have a haynes or chilton manual, you might take a looksee.

best i can do is bump your thread to the top in hopes someone knows.
where's 410 when ya need him?

On my OHV there is an underhood sticker that identifies it only as "FPRC", part of the vacuum system.

I think Lloyd is right. If it's a plastic ball with two lines (actually hard vacuum hose) I think it's the vacuum resevoir. I forgot to hook up the lines once and had only full hot out of the vents.

Curious as to how it melted. Mine is mounted a good distance from the engine.