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Engine dies when put in reverse


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February 4, 2010
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Bedford, TX
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2000 Mountaineer
I have a 2000 Mountaineer and noticed today that when coming to a stop the the vehicle is lerching and now when I put it in reverse from park the engine dies. The idle appears to be okay. Any ideas?

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Any trouble codes? check engine light on?

No trouble codes, no check engine light. Everything in the computer checks out. Dropped the pan on the transmission and could not find anything that would indicate a transmission failure. Replaced the torque converter and solenoid, but it still locks up. Locks up and kills the engine more quickly in reverse than in drive.

does it have th lock up torq converter? if so did u replace with new or used converter?

Clean IAC

I know this is going to sound crazy, but clean your IAC. I had the same trouble a few months ago. My Ex would stall out when I shifted into drive. After reading several threads I found a thread discussing how a person's Ex would stall when they turned on the A/C. The fix was cleaning the IAC. So I tried this to fix my problem and it has not stalled out since I performed the cleaning. Here is a link on how to clean.


5.0 v8, new converter, there is nothing wrong with the idle everything runs great. The converter just locks up when I put it in gear. I can keep my foot on the gas and get it to keep running long enough to get it rolling in drive, but then it will lurch when I come to a stop.

i had this same problem in a jeep i had, it ended up being the TPS.

It turned out to be the valve body.