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Engine fail

The parts I bought are from Amazon.com ... in Spain is expensive and difficult to get something for ford explorer

I cleaned and checked all the circuit of air INTAKE

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Idle Valve

Remove the black cap off your Idle valve, the black knob, careful not to break it. There are small filters inside the cap, they may be clogged and causing your problem.


Hello.. I have cleaned this filter... i have cleaned the MAF.. and the engine always fails...


I think I have solved the problem. I again go over and clean the air circuit INTAKE.... and I put a new spark plug (denso iridium power) and engine works much better.



Well, I do feel we encounter two problems here, either seems to be a language barrier, the other is the background in working cars.

Doing translation through google may be feasible when asking for weather but not for an in depth technical investigation, otherwise this will become kinda 'playing chess in the dark'.

How about visiting a Ford dealer having experience in Explorers? The model you have was sold through Ford of Spain officially in the ’90 up to 2001.

Here in Spain the workshops do not have much experience with the ford explorer ...
I do not dominate English very well, so everything is translated with google ... I understand the inconvenience of the translator.