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engine knock after top end rebuild

They are the wrong heads..they are the small chamber late model or 98tm heads.even if you do get it running it will require 90+ gas to run.they have raised your compression to 10:1

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Flip your stock heads over and look at the cc.the stock 93rm will have a larger combustion chamber..

old one on top, new one on bottom. i rechecked the listing and sent the seller an email.. hopefully if they didnt send me the right heads we can just exchange them.

they look pretty much the same to me.. ill take the new ones off tomorrow to look and the exhaust ports and combustion chamber.

i did some searching and it seems even if they are 98tms or whatever if i run high octane gas it will raise the compression to something sustainable.

well i guess i can go lift them off real quick right now... the valves are in- will that make a difference?



yep they look way bigger on the new heads than the old ones

Noo noo no they are wayyyy smaller..notice how the edge is very close to the intake valves on the new heads and old ones are about a 1/2"ish away..


since im keeping the components stock, even if some are new, would it be advisable to keep the heads and use high octane? im okay with paying more in the interest of getting this project done faster, but the reality is its an old engine and i dont want to destroy a piston , ring or bearing in the long run.

going for reliability over performance, but ill keep the heads if it wont stress the res tof the engine

whoops i meant to say the opposite... getting late here in sd. yes the new heads have the smaller ones and the old one has the way bigger ports

It does put more stress on an engine(not much in like real bad terms, sohc is 9.8:1) but if you can afford it I think its a good mod..makes it more efficient

okay going to bed hopefully il hear from titan engines tomorrow. jd dont you live in pa? its like 5 am there

Yes the old ones will flow more air also tho..if running stock you would want true 95tms, but they dont make them anymore..and LATE hell im drunk and woke up to emails..its 5:30 here (va)and gotta get up at 8am soo im going back to sleep now..rest will wait till I wake back up!! Lol

well i suppose depending on how things go with titan, will decide whether i keep these or return them and buy another set of 93tm. it seems a little dicey buying on ebay as so many sellers seem to lop all the head makes together

Man its Saturday. ..lol I didnt have to work at 8am thank god!! I thought I was dreaming about posting on here.so any word back from titian? Back to where that chunk fell outa of? Which hole did it come out of? Look down through the oil passage way on the middle mount for the rocker and make sure its clear, maybe even take a hanger or something and run it up and down through it.make sure no chungs or anything is in there, that will clug your rockers right up..

no word yet from titan. in the pic where the piece is sticking out of the head you can see where it came from. it was too big to slide out, i had to break it into two pieces to get it out.

in this pics its the oval hole with the black smudges next to my point finger

im kinda leaning towards keeping the heads and running high octane just to be done. ive been on this for two months and shipping the heads back to florida for a refund and waiting another 7 buisnes days for an early model set of heads that may or may not actually be 93 tms is too much.

i doubt ill hear from them untill monday, then itll take a day or two of internet tag to speak to someone, then itll go from there. i figure i can assamble them and run it with high octane by monday so ill know if i still get that knocking sound or not. also, my tank is almost empty so its pretty convenient to try one more time. most new loaded head sets come with new gaskets, if i go that route.

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are there any reccomendations for running these heads with stock parts? do i have to adjust anything anywhere? also, whats the likelyhood that the higher compression will blow a piston ring or main bearing in an engine with 230x miles on it?