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engine noises


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March 21, 2010
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Virginia Beach, VA
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1991 xlt
normaly i get some loud ticking when first starting the truck. from what ive read it seems to be tapping lifters. goes away when coasting and does some when accelerating.
today i came home and left it running so i could check tranny fuild and i heard a new noise. kinda sounds like a hissing hose or something.
if my temp guage worked id know if it was overheating or not

anyway the video you can hear the hissing sound a little bit, and just barely hear the tapping noise since its not as bad after driving


if anyone can help me fix the noises or tell me its fine and wont cause problems thatd be great. ill be glad to try more video of areas if requested

Really sounds like tappets to me. I had a 91 Explorer and that's exactly what it sounded like until I replaced them. As for the Hiss all you can do is start checking hoses. The OHV was notorious for a leaking intake manifold gasket. Had mine replaced twice.