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Engine Removal...what a b!7ch!


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March 23, 1999
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Parsippany, NJ
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1996 XLT
So, my engine's been mostly outta commission for quite a while. It runs, but I know it's a compression issue. I finally got to TRYING to rip it out this wknd. I just had trans work done, and the last time he put things back together those trans bolts were really wrenched on there! I've already rounded off the top most passenger side one, got two others out, the rest may be easier, but I gave up after today. I'll re-attack it next weekend. My last effort was loosening all the body mounts so I can maybe get some more clearance to get an impact wrench in there. We'll see if that works next time! Here's some pics...I'm NOT the red headed guy. That's my buddy, Steve. He donated like 5 hrs each day this weekend. I owe him LOTS of beers! By the way, the first few pics are of a muddy XLT due to all the rain lately, and me having to get my truck out of the back yard. It was there because my neighbors complained about it being parked on the street.


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If you think getting it out is a *****, wait till you try and put it back in.
I had to disconnect the gearbox mounts and move the gearbox back to get enough clearance to move it.

Well thanx for the encouragement! I'm thinking that once it's back in the hardest part will be rerouting the wiring harness! But crap, if I have to move the trans/t-case any way, I may as well separate them all now, and pull the engine/trans together as a unit. Then separate engine/trans while out of the vehicle! Thanx for the heads up tho.

I'm thinking that once it's back in the hardest part will be rerouting the wiring harness!

The hardest part in the wiring is to connect the trans plugs back together.
I hope all goes well Good Luck

More clearance

I lifted the body (yes even beyond the 3" body lift). I have lotsa clearance now. Got all the top bolts out except the one that I rounded off last weekend. It's the one that the trans dipstick is mounted to. It's proving to be a real pain! Even w/ heat. Here's some pics of the "leaning tower of explorer!"







It's out



One more...


Lifting the body looks like it made things a lot easier to get to.
Good pics

Sure did! Good tip to keep in mind!