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Engine squeak


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February 10, 2011
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Hickory, NC
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2017 Limited
When I turn off my 2017 Explorer there is a belt slip type squeaking sound as it approaches zero rpms. I don't know why a belt would slip while slowing down. It has done this for a long time.

I guess you didn't get any replies to your initial thread on this issue?
Did you ever take it to the dealer to have it checked out? As far as I know, the only things still turning once the engine is shut off are the cooling fans. Next time try opening the hood before shutting down and see if you can 'catch' the area the noise is coming from.


Good evening All:

Resurrecting this thread from '19 because I'm experiencing this issue as well. Only difference from OP on this thread is that engine is turned off, I get out of vehicle, and it sounds like the squeak is slowing down - motor is off, so I can't figure out what is still spinning.

EDIT: for reference 3.7 NA motor.

Just started searching threads, and I don't see any answer for this specific question...

Two other things, and will begin searching this as well:

1. I did have a squeak when at idle, serp belt, and tensioner replaced at 100k (106k on clock now); and
2. at Ford oil change at 105k, apparently I need the recall part for the engine fans, and am waiting for that to arrive.

Of course, I'm concerned about the water pump, but no other symptoms so far. Is this an 'early' symptom? Normally, I would replace something like this as part of my baselining a new (to me) vehicle, but this is well-over my head mechanically and seriously expensive.

Thank you in advance for any information on this.