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engine stalls when running


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July 18, 2014
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Houston, tx
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1999 Ford Explorer
A few days ago I was going fishing, the tank was just below 1/4 tank and stopped and filled it up. Continued driving down the highway and accelerated to pass a car. I hit it a little harder than I wanted and the truck moved out pretty fast. A few miles later the was driving at normal speed and the engine stalled. I tried to start the engine and it started then died. I pulled over to the side of the road. I tried to start the car again and it would start but not accelerate and then stall out. I gave it a few minutes, maybe 10 and started it up. It idled but was shakey. I let it idle and it grew more steady and after about a minute I could accelerate and the truck ran fine. Haven't had the problem since but nervous about a recurrance. Any Ideas?

Fuel delivery problem it sounds like. Could have gotten s*** off the bottom of the tank from that station? Water? Most likely the case.

I had the same problem just not long ago. Check your fuel pressure, that's how my mechanic found out I had a bad fuel pump.