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Engine Swap 93 to 92 4.0


June 15, 2008
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OK My 92/4.0 blew a head gasket. 250K plus so I am not complaining. I swapped the 4.0 out of my 93 into it. Looks like I am going to have to use the 92 wiring harness correct? The 93 one has an extra plug on the rear of the motor. Next question what about injectors?? From the Napa website it looks like the part numbers are different. The 93 motor has a lot less miles and I would prefer to keep the new injectors. Thanks in advance.

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I can help with the injectors :)
I had the local parts store cross reference the numbers on the 91-92 versus the 93-96 injectors. They are physically and technically the same. The later ones are more efficient, using a 4-hole design rather than a single pintle design. Better atomization and whatnot. I believe you want the 92TF injectors, not the 90TF.

When I put a 92 engine into my 94 explorer I had to use the 94 harness as the plugs were different.
Also look at the exhaust manifold you may have an EGR set up truck and a non egr engine I ran into that problem.

By using the 92 harness, intake manifold, & exhaust pipe you eliminate the possibility of egr and the extra oxygen sensor.

Some 93 models had egr and extra o2 sensor and some didn't.

I have just swapped harnesses on my 92. I have a 91 parts truck. The motors are exactly the same, but the harnesses are different from an XL and XLT models. Why? I have no idea. I might be wrong, but that's all I can come up with.

Mine was originally built without power accessories, and now I have them all.

I put a 95 4.0 in my 92, yes we changed the harness (due to O2 and injector harness), and we did change the injectors. I believe the red ones have a different lbs/hr than the black injectors, but from what I read here more research is required. I do know the red injectors ran rich in my 92. The 91-92's are "batch fire" injection, the 93-95 is conventional.

Later in life we put a 92 4.0 in a 94 explorer, I didnt change the injectors on that one, but it didnt run the same.