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Engine swap q's

May 14, 2009
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98 mountaineer 5.0 2wd
I have been looking for most of my questions in some threads, but what are the major differences in the older 5.0 HO vs the stock 5.0 in explorers/mountaineers? More hp? i am considering a swap and know what all i need now, but what it be more simple to use the 5.0 that came in them, or the 5.0 HO?

5.0L HO makes less torque then the stock 4.0L V6

the explorer Gt-40 V8 is a full roller with the best stock 5.0L intakes and heads
the big difference with the Explorer V8 and earlier 5.0L's is the addition of DIS ignition (no distributor)

when Ford put the 5.0L into the Explorer they made it MUCH easier for you to stuff it into your Ranger based vehicle. IMO but you have to want the auto trans and later model DIS, MAS, and even the OBD-II computer

The earlier EFI 5.0L swap can be done also, plenty of aftermarket support and junk yard parts available to make it work

It all depends on emissions laws, trucks use, and budget

thanks for the reply, i am going to rebuild the 4.0 that is in it with a few changes. thanks.

Dood, I have a 1994 Cobra engine, and by all guesstimates, I am pushing 400hp. The original uppper intake plenum was placed on this engine, and the OBD I computer spliced in. Draw back, no EGR, and the AIRB and AIRD solenoids fault out. But it runs like a raped Ape. Now all I have to do is get a 4406, the shafts, and be in business. I have plans for 32x11.5x15 tires, and about 4" of lift. 2" body and 2" TT and shackle. The engine works great. I found out it is a 303E engine. Lemme know what you plan on doing.