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Engine Swaps

I'll be putting a 5.0L, AOD set-up into a buddies 2WD Explorer starting in about 2 weeks. I'm working off a buddy with a Bronco II already converted and alot of info from the net. The engine I'm using for this is from an '89 Mustang with the SEFI. I figure working afterhours I will be able to complete the job in a couple of weeks. I will post all the pictures for the conversion as soon as there developed. After that swap I will be assembling my conversion for my Explorer but I will be going with an AOD/4R70W custom tranny and a BW1356 transfer case with bolt flange from a early '90's Bronco.

Good Luck, there is a lot of information here.

Just currious, how much did the 4r70w run you? I wish i could have had the extra $$ for one of those.

But in the end the s/s AOD i've got is serving me well.