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engine temp gauge?


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January 30, 2009
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Decatur Indiana
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95 EXP XLT 4X4 4 DR
My 95 exp has a what I believe to be a bad temp gauge. I have changed the sending unit on the engine and the gauge still just sits about 1/4" below the cold mark and never moves. Is there a way to check this gauge?


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If that's the highest it gets then it isn't working at all.

It NEVER moves from that position. Is there a way to change just that gauge or should i just get a whole new cluster?

Just changed it, no change in gauge at all:thumbdwn:

Was thinking of just going down to the zone and getting a 3 gauge pod with the temp,oil pressure and voltage gauges in it. Then I would know exactly what is happening with the engine.

Before wasting any money at least see if the gauge is faulty. With the key in the run position unplug the sending unit and ground the wire, if the gauge goes all the way up then it's fine and your problem is elsewhere. However if the gauge doesn't move past the hot mark then you need a new gauge.

One more thing I forgot, Don't cover the threads of the new sender with teflon tape or it will not have a good ground.

Just grounded out the temp sending wire. Gauge didnt even twitch. Is just that gauge replaceable or is it easier to just get a new cluster?

Wire may be broken at cluster also

Verno is correct, the wire could be broken so just to make sure you should test resistance and see if the wire is ok or not. And yes just go to pull a part and grab one, that would be the cheapest route.