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Engine whine thru front speakers


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September 6, 1999
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Philly, PA but transplanted too Bryans Road, MD
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1994 Mazda Navajo
I just completed my installation of a pioneer head unit, targa passive eq, 88 watt jensen amp for front and jensen 300 watt amp rear. Both amps are grounded at the same point and powered at the same point. When I turn the head unit on while the motor is running I can hear a high pitched whine feeding thru the front speakers only. The whine increases upon acceleration. The hot wires run along the right side and penetrate the firewall thru the grommet just in front of the vehicles brain. After penetrating the firewall the cables proceed under the ac fan assy., along the the inner fender and lead right up to the positive battery terminal. The amps are grounded using one of the screws used to hold the right rear window frame assy. I also mounted a noise suppressor inline with inputs to the 88 watt amp. Any ideas would be much appreciated. Unless I crank up the volume the whine is enough to drive an extremely sane man insane.

Thanx in advanced.

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are you running your RCA cables from your head unit to the amps too close to the power cables? you should run the RCA's on one side, and the power on the other side. if your speaker wire is too close to the brain, that can also make big probs in the noise end.

Did you ever try by-passing the Targa EQ. See if the noise goes away.

CHECK YOUR GROUND that is probably the reason is the surface sanded properly? If it is painted and not sanded down to the bare metal you will get interfence. If problem still occurs separate the two grounds so there grounded individualy. this should help but keep in mind the reason why jensen amps are half the price of mtx,pheonix gold,sony,pioneer,kicker,rockford, is because how cheaply they are made these high quality amps are high dollar for a reason they are quiet (amoung other things)every jensen amp ive ever heard had a little interference.

Had a similar problem with my stereo. Started about a month ago. Sometimes I would hear a hiss or whine thru my speakers and could not figure it out. Last Saturday, while changing spark plugs, I checked my plug wires with an ohm meter and found I had a wire that was open (broken). I immediately replaced the plug wires and now the whine is gone. A plug wire can have a small break in the center conductor and it will still work by arcing the spark across the break and it can cause the hiss. Would not have found it without the use of my handy dandy meter.


91 XLT 4x4

I was able to get the majority of the whine to disappear. Since I did not wish to tear my whole truck apart to seperate the power from my RCA cables I used an old trick. I wrapped my RCA cables in tin foil and then covered them with aluminum foil which created an RFI filter. The whine is definitely not as noticable. I also went thru and used stainless steel braid and ground the chasis of the front channel amp and also did a thorough job of cleaning the area around the mount I used to ground both amps. My next project is to buy some baffles to place around all four speakers to push the sound forward of the speakers or maybe figure out a design to enclose my rear speakers.
Thanx for all the inputs.

CHECK YOUR GROUNDS. Your rca's may be run to close to the power cables . If nothing else works just put a noise filter from any radio place in and that will cure anything.