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Engine whine


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November 28, 2009
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'99 Explorer XLT
I know, I know.. Alot of people have this problem.. BUT I did use search but came up with nothing on my type of setup problem..

Here's everything:

Sony headunit (3 2V preouts) (Pioneer AVIC-Z110BT comes tomorrow!)
RF T400-4
RF T25001bd
4 RF T1682
2 Pioneer TS-W302R (I have 2 Alpine Type X 12" but no box)
Tsunami 1/0 gauge
"" 4 gauge
StreetWires ZN9 Series 4Ch RCA
"" 2Ch RCA

So, my problem is in the T400-4. Its set up to get me thru my week of going to work and back till I finish my system. the Front channel powering my 2 front T1682s and Rear set to LPF powering the Pioneers at 2 Ohms bridged.

Hear is what screws with my head. I get no whine if my 4 Ch RCA is plugged into the amp. But when I change over the Rear channel to the 2 Ch RCA, I get loud engine whine coming from the Front speakers, NOT my subs on the rear channel.

My power wire is running drivers side and RCAs are passenger.

Faulty RCA cable? Does engine whine effect subs? I'm asking because the 2 Ch RCA is going to go on my T25001BD when I get my Xs put in.

I am just dumbfounded on how the rear channel effects the front Channel..