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Engine wont start after cleaning


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March 4, 2010
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Hey guys,

the other day i spray the engine with a cleaner as usual i do, and house it leave the hood open for a few Hours and then tried to start the engine and dint start, so i leaf it a little while. I did this before and the only thing that makes was a weird behavior and rumbling and running like it was with hiccup.

now i tried later started, and it was with the same behavior but much harder , so i did the same process put it on the street and was rumbling and shaking the engine to much so i take it to the high way and when i make a long and take to 50 mph all the weird and things that had was gone . any thoughts on what can be happening here, thanks!!!!

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Next time, when you use the degreaser and spray off, use an air compressor to blow out the electrical connectors, and start the engine immediately after finishing and let it run long enough to heat up and evaporate the water in the engine compartment. Sounds like you had either wet electrical connectors, water in the plug wells causing a misfire, or all of the above.

Wrap your ignition module next time before you spray, the big plug going into it is a sealed plug, but can still get water in there. Probably all your problem was

I clean my engine with a pressure cleaner while its running.

Nice tips!!! for next time,

I clean my engine with a pressure cleaner while its running.

Be careful doing that- if you manage to get water into the intake system through a loose hose, fitting, or other freak thing, you'll get water into your cylinders...

Also, if you're running a hot engine and spraying cold water onto it, that's not good either- you can crack the block. Buddy did that on his Capri.

yeah, my dad told me never to run water on a hot engine, about the intake, I take out the Filter cause i did the mood, and make sure all the clamps and hose on it are well tighten. I dont clean the engine that often only 1 time every 2 months or depends on how it gets...