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Englishtown, NJ Swap Meet & Auto Show: April 18-20, 2008

ill be drivin out there maybe for the ride and talk 2 the ppl i know,but not entering my truck,ill have my son with me

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im not 100% sure im going to have a moving vehicle...

Are we all going seperately or is there a group meet somewhere?

D.J.O.R. Netzhauptmann

I'm going seperate and will prolly end up calling Matt since he should be parked close to me.

i don't think there is anyone in my area so i will probably be driving out by myself

By the looks of things, Ben and I should be up there around 9:30-10 ish. Guess we're meeting y'all on the drag strip... Pity, we all used to meet up at Oasis Ford and cruise down together :( Ahh, the good ol' days. Unfortunately Meatball couldn't get out of being on-call this weekend, so he won't be showing up.

I should be down with the gf sometime around 1 or so. Im gonna hang out , enjoy the weather, and see all the hot rides. Mine may not be spotless as I may not have time to clean it up before I leave for the show.

So tomorrow do I just show up early and say hey im here with FTW and pay and i'll be good? Im slightly confused lol:D. Also what time should I come down?

u just have to go to gate 4 if i remember correctly you can just ask the people doing traffic where the entrance to show your truck is

well i'm going but i might not go w/ my explorer..might take my friends dodge dakota r/t dropped on 20s w/ full exhaust...which = more fun driving lol

EDIT- i'm debating on whether or not take my explorer..if i go w/ it i'm not gonna b there for long..i need to b back home @ 2 for work

I hate my truck sometimes. :fire: I spent most of the afternoon throwing on my new spindles (thank you again for the Bday present, Ben!) and all new Timken bearings and seals... and now Morgan's squeaking and chattering like a frikkin ****. I'm going back up to work at 7am to see if I can bribe a coworker to fix whatever I didn't put in right, but if worst comes to worst I'm going to have to drive my Focus :fart: Either way, I'll be there no later than 12. Best case scenario: WITH Morgan, and by 10:30. Keep your fingers crossed that I just overtorqued a bearing somewhere!!!

I probably won't be making it up there unless something magically happens. I hate being broke.. :(

Won't cost you anything if you ride with me, tard :p: C'mon, I could use the company!

well sorry didn't make it guys...
belt was packed! bumper to bumper was stuck for like an hr so i was like forget it...went to coney island and just hung out lol

post pics!!

No worries, ghoster. I figured that's what happened to a lot of you. My parents tried to make it but were stuck for over an hour as well. I never heard from Hunterdan or John either.

Overall, I had a great time. Didn't win anything, but didn't expect to, either. Great to meet a bunch of you guys and put some names and personalities together with the screen names and posts. I was stunned at the amount of junk that was there. And I mean junk in a positive way. I could have browsed those rows for hours more and bought a ****-ton of stuff if I had had more cash, more preparation, and not been as tired. :D

We had PERFECT weather too, and the rides all looked amazing. I'm still stunned at some of those trucks. :eek:

As for my ride home with the fuel light screaming at me, it was interesting. Coming out (Andy was behind me, he can attest to this) we were crawling along at about 5-10 mph for about 5+ miles or so before I realized I might not make it to a gas station if I continued that way. I pulled off down a side street, trying not to break 2k RPMs. I punched "gas" in my GPS and it sent me on a three miles journey to a "gulf" station that didn't exist. It got the "You have arrived" message in the middle of a suburban residential street. I tried again, and the second station I chose also landed me in the middle of a residential neighborhood. At this point, I was desperate, I have never seen my needle that low (WAAAY below E) and figured I had maybe a couple of miles left before disaster, so I pulled over, walked up to some house and had the residents there direct me to the nearest gas station - which turned out to be (thank God) like 1.5 miles away. JUST made it. Remind me never to forget to fill up again. :confused:

ANYway, here's a few pictures I took from the day:



My rig (damn thing has never looked that clean. 8 hours of detailing woks wonders. :rolleyes:)




High enough? :rolleyes:





Oh, and Andy, thanks again for finding the emblems! I did them tonight. This one came out flawless, the second one was a bit rough, but I'm happy. :D


It sucks I was stuck at work and missed it. Truck looks great as do the other rides. Anyways, hope there aren't any hard feelings about making it. I want/need to get to a run/meet at some point.

It was a perfect day.

Sorry i had to bail a little early... i was dying- it felt like i pulled every muscle in both my legs from mountain biking the day before. All i could think about was getting home to lay down :roll:

Here's some pics i took ( Click Here for the SLIDESHOW)

My strategically placed garbage can:

My future family van:

Serenas future cummuter vehicle

And us






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dam i really hate i didn't con't...but wasn't feeling like making a 2hr drive a 5 or 6 hr drive...
hopefully next time

BTW pics look awesome oh and Jason your truck looks awesome bro..for future refrence, spray some foam armor all on the chassis and it will make it look like if it was super clean lol..just a way to earn extra points from the judges


Did anyone see my friend's S-10?
heres a pics of it w/ my truck