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Estimate on a 1992 Explorer XLT 4x4


June 20, 2008
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Las Vegas, NV
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1992 Explorer XLT 4x4
Best guess on how much you would sell it for, and buy it for.

142,000 miles

A/C works great

one window doesn't work

a little body damage

4x4 and tranny sounds smooth

engine is exceptionally clean

interior is fair

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But dont' expect to get that much.

I'd say best estimate is around 900-1600 for both ways. Depends on where you are really.

I'm thinking of selling my 94 too. I was going to start a thread just like this one!


I paid $3200 for my 94 XLT,4x4 last year with 120,000 in very good shape.:D

That's really good mileage for the year. But you have to remember that a year ago, we still had relatively cheap gas prices. They were around 2.50 or so if I remember correctly.

thats a good point, gas is 4 dollars a gallon here. I see the very same ford trucks with 8 cylinders just sit there for sale. No one is buying big trucks here in New mexico. Actually, no one is really buying anything. My advise is to take what ever you can get. No less than $900. Gas prices should stay the same until fall. Then its anyone's guess. I believe the US is going to invade Iran, which would send gas prices to 8 dollars a gallon, at least.

$8 a gallon if we go to war with iran :eek:,shoot..... just now a station 3 miles from my house is selling regular for 3.75(everywhere else 3.99-4.12) ! no joke, 2 days ago when i saw the price they had sooooo many people there filling up .people in line was about the only way to describe it ...not only were they filling up there cars but they even had 5 gallon gas cans out and filling those as well.i was lucky and got in as soon as some one just left..and today i saw the tanker refilling the station .but i have also seen near my home that some other stations are slowlly comeing down on there prices .

That's really good mileage for the year. But you have to remember that a year ago, we still had relatively cheap gas prices. They were around 2.50 or so if I remember correctly.

I get 18.5 mpg at 70 mph on the interstate with my 94,I buy most of my cars from a very small used car lot in WV,I have known the guy for years.This explorer belonged to an older gent who passed away in 06.As I said 18.5 and dead stock at the moment,I also don't drive very much right now because I drive over the road in a big truck.I'm going to drive this thing into the ground,I was a ase auto tech so I fix most things myself.Gas was $3.00+ a gallon in NY when I bought it. :D

yeah, i drove right at 200 miles the last two days. had to go down for orientation in back, i used 10ish gallons of gas and drove 200 miles. so i'm guessing between 18-20 miles a gallon. i did about 60-65 the entire time.... gotta love highway 25 construction zones...

i paid $600 for a 92 XL with i dont even no how many miles on it. dude said it was at 250,000 but i dont no if i belive him. its running a little strong for having tht many miles on the engine. and this truck was in decent shape wen i bought it. it has a little more body damage nowadays. :) and im getting about 17 miles to the gallon around town so its prob around 20 on the freeway which i dont think is to bad. never had a small car tht got 30 miles to the gallon so 20 is good for me!