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euro lights


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September 8, 2005
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woodstock ontario
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1997 xlt
hi im new and i was wondering iver been wanting euro lights for my truck which is a 1997 explorer now i order my stuff from ebay cause its good and its cheap and i cant find ne 1997 euros that 1 look good and 2 there like arnt ne so does ne one no if 1998 light fit on a 1997?

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Headlights on 95-01 Explorers are the same (except '01 Sport). I've got them on my 2000 Sport. I like em.


96limitedX said:
my guess would be hes talking about taillights? idk..

In that case, tails from 95-97 are interchangeable. "Euro" lights for this series of Explorer seems rare. 98+ will fit, but look crap due to the differing tail shapes on the 95-97 and 98-01 (Sport excluded).

Dead Link Removed - still $200/pr though for the taillights. I recently sold my Euro tails for $175 on eBay, but they are a very rare find.

they are, just the other day i pulled up 3 bids and none where higher than 70 bucks with the buy it now option :/