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European headlights?


March 7, 2010
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'95 Limited

I own a 1995 Ford Explorer. Since I live in Europe (Russia) I've faced the issue of DOT/European headlights. The stock headlights that I have now are naturally DOT approved and do not meet the European requirements. The difference is in beam alignment and general light distribution. Having DOT headlights may prevent me from passing MOT. I contacted the local Ford dealer. The happy dealer offered me a pair of European-approved headlights... for $2,500!!! It is the official Ford's price. OMG...
Now I'm wondering if there's a way around to get these damn headlights at a reasonable price. I'd agree to $500, but not to $2,500. Could anyone help with this? Thanks.

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Thanks, I've checked out the site. It looks like what they have is again the standard DOT headlights, not the European headlights...

I think you should look at sites where parts of the Ford Explorer was sold in europe eg. switzerland germany so you should find the right headlight

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