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Evans Creek 26 Aug- 28 Aug


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April 15, 2002
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1985 BroncoII
I will be up at Evans Creek probably throughout the weekend camping at the campgrounds as part of the hosting that the 4WD club I belong does everyear.
Plan on doing some night runs etc..should be lots of funs
if you need more info post up :thumby:

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hopefully ill go

Im down to go to evans if i get my s.a.s. done. If i do get it done that weekend would be the trial period to see how good it works.. :D

Got me a tow rig today, this is what i will be in

WOW! :eek:

All that OT was worth it :thumbsup:


I'm thinking about renting a drift boat from Red's in the Yakima River Canyon around that time. I'll probably drag Dreamr with me (He gets to row first :D ) but that'd be during the week.

If we get things done to my truck in time, we might have to come for a visit ;)

It has a few problems, but I got a very good price. Now the wife will be able to come on more outings with me because she will have a place to tinkle that doesn't smell.


Unless you have another thread somewhere with the specs. :rolleyes:

the worst thing (most expensive) is the tires are weather checked so I will have to get new ones and the roof needs to be resealed it just started to leak and cause little damage and the guy I bought it from drank alot and so well... the alternator(new)batterys(new) and battery isolator need to be wired correctly
it has 46K miles on a carbed 460 a new C6 and a dana 70 with 4.10 gears
plus all the accesories you would expect in a RV. I gave less for it than what I have in my SAS