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Evap canister hoses


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February 10, 2014
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99 ford explorer eddie ba
Hi everyone.
I have picked up a 99 Explorer Eddie Bauer with 234000 miles. This truck looks and runs great. There is a check engine light on. I had Auto Zone scan it and it comes up large evap leak. Now this past Saturday I was changing the diff cover gasket and pinion seal. When I looked up there was a rectangular black box. I think it is the evap canister. There is a hose coming off the passengers side but not off the drivers side. There is a nipple there for a hose. But no hose around. Does anyone know where this hose goes. I am CHEWING through gas!!
Any and all help would really be appreciated. Thanks

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I don't know the exact layout on that model, but one side of the canister should have a line running to the gas tank and up through the purge system. The other side of the canister should go through the canister vent solenoid (probably mounted to the canister), and then vents to air, maybe with a hose running someplace dry.

What do you mean by chewing through gas? A missing vent line shouldn't hurt your fuel consumption unless you have a wide open line in the top of the tank and are either spilling fuel or letting it evaporate out the hole. Is there a strong gas smell around it?

Follow the lines from the top of the tank and you should find the missing link pretty fast.

Ok I can't figure out how to post pics here. From what I saw on another post here it looks like the evap can should be under the spare tire protected by a metal plate. And on that pic the box I am talking about is right by that. Now on my truck there is a metal plate under the spare but my black box is just above the axle about 2 foot from the other plate bolted to the body

I put $20 in gas in and its gone pretty quick. My digital read out says I'maveraging 10 mpg

From your description i am guseeing i am looking at the vent solenoid. Auto Zone said the read out sugested gas cap evap canister purge valve or vent solenoid.

I dont smell or see any fuel leaking at all

The canister "is located behind the rear axle assembly". The canister vent solenoid is mounted to it. The rectangular box "above the cross frame rail, rear of center, before the evaporative emission canister" is the dust separator -- a filter to keep dirt out of the evap system.

One side of the dust separator should be open to the air. The other side should connect to the canister vent solenoid. The other canister line(s) should be connected to the fuel tank and purge lines.

You could have an open connection, or a stuck open canister vent solenoid, a bad gas cap, a hole somewhere, etc.

What was the code? The part you are describing is the purge canister.

The code is P0455

Open the hood and sticking out of the upper intake you will see a big vacuum line with a white or green plastic connector on a steel tube , follow it with your fingers, it goes under the battery, look at that line first its the most common cause of your problem, its the vacuum feed line for the evap system and they rot and crack,

Thanks I'll try a and get to that tonight

I need to replace the small line on mine. It looks like a battery leaked onto it and corroded it. It is a plastic line. Any idea what the part number for that line is? Goes from the same basic location down to the purge valve.

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