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EVAP problem solved (check underside spare).

BBQ Bandit

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October 14, 2008
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Central PA
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'97 XLT 5.0 AWD
Subject: 97 Explorer 5.0 AWD
Problem: Check engine light on
Ran codes.. "Gross EVAP leak"

Another mechanic looked but could not find. Cleared the code to see if it would re-appear.

Later that day... jacked up rear end preparing to install Reese hitch (Class III/IV)

1. Crawled under spare tire (stock 15")... hmmm... was hanging about 3" lower and not "secured". Just suspended and room to jostle around.

2. Fought with tire and spare cable hub... rusted together. Hammerred free and removed. Checked the condition of the cable and winch mechanism and lubed accordingly.

3. The EVAP canister was disconnected... with the sensor hanging freely... (covered from view by the spare tire).

4. Reconnected the EVAP... and no codes!!!

Deduction by reasoning:
Hanging spare tire with enough room to bounce and vibrate all over the place... jarring loose the EVAP clip... thereby dropping the sensor and the "Check engine display" was the side-effect.

Will be applying copious amounts of silicone below the connector then laying down the plastic wrap over the "pillow of silicon"... thereby creating a cradle to protect and secure the sensor.