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EVAP purge control valve circuit shorted.


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May 2, 2008
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Charlotte, NC
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2001 Eddie Bauer

This is my first post. I have searched and searched for an answer...

My 2001 Explorer is 'stuttering' when at idol and acceleration. The codes that showed up in diagnostics are po301, po445, and po447... misfire in cyl 1, EVAP purge control valve circuit shorted and EVAP vent control circuit open.
Can someone please tell me the solution?
Where i can find the problem on the vehicle and if the parts are available at Advanced, NAPA or Auto Zone?

Several problems started happening with my elec. system after my last inspection about a month ago. Radio resets when going over bumps, check gas cap light is on (sometimes), and now my engine is having misfires...

welcome paula

What engine?