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Ever had the "Box Truck" noise in your Explorer Sport?


December 15, 2009
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Dallas, TX
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2002 Explorer Sport 2-dr
Hi folks, I hope this finds you well!

I have a 2002 Explorer Sport that is all stock, good condition, but one thing plagues me -- when I drive the truck down a bumpy road, it sounds like driving an empty bobtail truck down that road! Very loud, very noisy, very annoying as you can imagine.

I took it to my maintenance guy for things too big for me to do in my little duplex garage, and he told me that the rubber mounts that go between the frame and the body are gone [which would make sense, yeah?], but I just went to Rock Auto Parts to try and find the parts, and I cannot even locate the category they'd be under.

Ever had this problem? My guy said it's an easy fix if I can just find the parts. He couldn't, either. Please help!


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You need to replace the body mounts or the bushings themselves. I think you got to get them through ford and they are kinda pricey. Just replacing the back 2 would make a world of difference.

which of these parts would it be?

So, I just put my VIN into the Ford site, and this is the explosion dwg:


Which of these parts is it? Sorry for the ignorance here, I'm assuming it's the set of the parts mounting to the frame... [00155B and F]

You are looking at the right parts, but I would get under there and have a look before you replace them.

Check your tailgate to be sure that it is not where your rattle is coming from also.


I checked the living s*** out of the tailgate. That's what I originally thought it was, so I have BRAND NEW mounts for everything back there (I bought her used, did small amounts of work on her) including the lifting window and the entire tailgate clasping assembly.