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evolution of a SAS - "Y-link" radius arms to 3 link

I told myself when I first did my SAS with the D30, it was a place holder for a D44 and when I was ready for the D44 I'd put the same brackets on it and bolt it in. Yeah right...

My "Y-link" long arms (technically radius arms) performed pretty decently and handled well on the road. I was able to get about 40" under the front tires flexing out. I could have kept them and been OK.

However, when I sold my D30 to a guy doing a Ranger SAS, he wanted my long arms too to make his conversion easy. I figured why not, I can make them better the next go around.

So now starts my 3 link project. I debated a long time what I should use, 4 link, 3 link or radius arms. In the end the 3 link won out. Better handling and flex than radius arms and less parts/cost in a tighter package than a 4 link.

Due to some major drivetrain changes, everything fits a bit different now. I'm ditching the stock tranny crossmember and upper link mounts welded to the frame. Instead I built a heavy duty bolt in crossmember/belly skid that will support the link mounts as well. It is a little farther back and also up, giving me about 2" more clearance than the stock x-member. It also stretches my long arms into the 36" range, where I was at about 32" before.

I'll be posting results from a link calculator, both from the planning stages and the execution. I'll add the old Y-link numbers in the mix as well for comparison. One major difference I already see is about 1/2 the anti-dive.

Materials will be Ballistic flex joints at the frame, poly bushings at the axle, with 1.5 ID/ 2.0 OD DOM tubing.


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January 25, 2011
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2000 LIMITED V8 SAS 35s
going to bump in case anyone has any input, going to 3 link mine in a month or two and doing lots of research currently