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Ex for Ex need opinions


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June 5, 2007
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Lewistown, Pa
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2000 XLS
Ok, so someone offered me an even up trade their 93 4door eddie bauer for my 92 sport and the eddie is fine he said he had rebuilt the tranny, and I want a 4door but dont care for automatics but like the eddiebauer editions, so my question is, should I go for this deal and later change it to a manual or is that more hassle than its worth or what? Thanks and hope to hear your responses ;)

first you need to compare condition and mileage difference.

if you like the manual transmission then i would say stick with whatever you have.

if you don't really care about it and he has receipts from the transmission rebuild and everything(engine, 4x4 etc) works fine then i will go for it.

It can be a 'real pain in the ass' to change to manual tranny from a automatic.....if you really don't like automatics , tell him NO WAY!, simple as that.

Lol, alright then guess i'll just try sellin it straight out.