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Ex randomly stalling


March 12, 2007
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Cape Cod, MA
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'94 2door
for the last 3 days my ex has been randomly stalling on me atleast once a day and not starting again for a few hours. Its been idling at about 500rpm which is suprisinly low, all of a sudden the rpms will just give and the truck stalls, but if i leave it for a few hours it starts up fine the rpms are still kinda low though, but i am getting better mileage haha. its never stalled stalled on me while driving only when parked or stopped.i just reaplced the starter and all the plugs and wires, but this didnt start untill after i replaced the starter last week. Could it be the fuel pump/ fuel filter/gremlins or some kind of electrical problem?

anyone have this happen to them?
thank you for the feedback :thumbsup:


try cleaning out your IAC and IAC passages. it sounds like it isnt getting enough air at idle. good luck

x2 man its common with explorers....