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Ex Vs..all other competitors

Speedfreak, I thought the 5.0 conversion was already complete?

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No I start Thursday, I was waiting for the AA adapter for the tranny, which I picked up from Ferndale Wash last Monday. I feel like a kid on christmas eve I tell ya. I can bearly sleep or contain my excitement..:bounce:.:bounce:.:bounce:.:bounce:.:bounce:

You may be thinking about the 93 2wd 5.0L conversion I did for a friend that I have bein quoting about.

Originally posted by Namitey
All i have to say is the suv is just about dead (atleast there is jeep but i dunno about the liberty with ifs.) Hell the same can be said for most trucks. You Cant find anything except a fullsize with a solid front axle any more. on another note Ive found my 96 sport with the 5 spd to have a fair amount of power. I can chirp the tires when i shift from 1st to 2nd and ive got 31s.

you would be hard pressed to find a full size truck with solid up front.. in the 1/2 tone any way.

well, by full size i mean something like an f-250 or the like.

Originally posted by Speedfreak
I personnelly call my Explorer a truck all the time and believe it to be just that. I can do most stuff that trucks can do and do it in comfort, if that makes it something other then a truck then so be it. As for power, I would prefer a nice flat power curve over a big peak anyday. You can get more done if you can work the same over a longer time than if you just work your ass off for a small amount of time. Just though I would add my .02($1,934,854.99CAN)

I also call mine a truck, especially after I pulled a big fork lift out of a ditch with my '97 V8 Mountaineer 4x2. That low end torque is what did it.

I personally have found the 4.6L's torque curve to be too high in the RPM band for what I want. Granted, I've taken my Mountaineer to the track a few times, but that's just to see what modifications are working best for me. Also, I've seen, especially through blueovalnews.com that the modular engines are not a longevity engine like the old smallblocks.

I agree, the 5.0 is up there with the 351-Cleveland and the 350 as one of the best engines of all time. It has come up in past posts that the acceleration differences between the Escape and the 2002 Explorer. I don't like "high-winding engines".