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Ex won't start - electrical problem ?


May 2, 1999
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Yukon, OK
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'98 XLT
Hello all ... I was hoping that someone out there would have some guidance for you with the problem I'm having with my Explorer. It is a '98 XLT.

First, it has been starting and running fine. I helped a friend move some furniture to her house yesterday. I backed into her driveway (it has a slight incline). After unloaded the furniture, I went to leave and the Ex wouldn't start. It wouldn't do a thing. Not clicks, no power, no dome light, no nothing. So, I figured it was a dead battery. I tried jumping it, but the same thing. No panel lights, no dome light, nothing. So, I pulled the battery and took it into Autozone to have it tested. They told me that it was fully charged. So, I put it back into the Ex. I opend the door and the dome light came on, but as soon as I turned the key to try to start it, nothing. Won't crank, won't do a thing.

Any ideas? Solenoid? I having jumped the solenoid yet. Going to this afternoon. Could it still be a faulty battery even though it appears to be fully charged? Any other things for me to check out?

Thanks in advance for any help !!!

Sounds like bad battery connection or bad wires.

If the solenoid was faulty, it wouldn't be keeping power from the truck would it. I mean, I'd still have panel and dome lights even if the solenoid was faulty, right?