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Excursion Extinct?


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A friend of mine told me that Ford ceased production of the Excursion indefinitely, not just cut back. Also, dealer lots are offering no money down and .9% financing on them and still cannot sell them... Any truth to the production cease?

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man I love those excursions... now if I could only afford one and be able to afford the gas I'd have to put into it, ha ha ha.

Bad news Matt... Gary told me you were interested in buying his Excursion when the lease ran out. Well...he ended up buying it!

well I wouldn't buy his excursion after he jumped out of me vehicle when it was just about to slide off the edge on kane creek! argh, still upset on that one, LOL.

What bad gas milage?

I saw motor weeks long term update last week and they had the Excursion. The diesel model gets 16 MPG, thats 2-3 MPG better than my Explorer!!!!! I would gladly trade my Explorer for the Excursion!!! At least I would have the power to pull my horse trailer! :D

I wouldn't be surprised if they did cease production. It is quite expensive.

hahahaha....i'd immagine that the payment is close to yours, matt!!!! (2001EXPSPORT, i mean, not you mattadams) hahaha...

but seriously....this would really suck if they did!! i have had many a dream where im driving around my big a$$ v10 excursion with an 8" lift, and big ol 40" tires!!!


that would be too bad.....

I have words for you that aren't allowed on here. :frustrate

Excursion still alive

In fact, we just got in a load of 8. No, they are not selling like hotcakes, and there is more demand for deisel due to milage, however there is $5000.00 markup, so for about $38,000 you can get a loaded Limited, for about the same price as those stupid import luxury suv's. It is possible to get an Excursion for about the same price as an Expedition, if you work the right deal. That is quite a bargan when you are driving a vehicle that makes you think of bullseyes painted on them little lexus and mercedes suv's!

I was gonna say! They still sell like crazy here in Colorado cause I am always seen them at the dealers and driving around town. Colorado has a weird car market though compared to most of the rest of the country.

Heh heh

I see as many excursions as Hummers around here. One. It's odd. Explorers are like hotcakes here, Expeditions are also, but big things like Surburbans and Yukon XLs (I feel like I said a bad word saying those haha!) as well as Excursions are few and far between.

However, the local autoparts store had a picture of an Excursion lifted using modified Superduty kits. Real, REAL cool stuff. It's like some commando vehicle.

* This post gave me 100 and a second Explorer. Wahoo! I love this site! *

I saw that Commando Excursion at the Chicago Auto Show, it friggin' cool. Was it tan color?

Cool, the one I saw at the auto show was like that one, but it wasn't a rolling armory. It was a basic Excursion with an 8" lift with big mudders with sand paint. Cool.

Damn...looks like something out of Lockheed's Skunk Works facility.

And it has BFGoodrich tires.

I was checking them out the other day at the Ford Dealer. I had my eye on a black limited, leather, power stroke, 4.30 gears....

Oh well, I just need to convince the wife she would rather drive that than her neon.

From what I heard from a female excursion owner it's very agile and easy to drive. As a matter of fact, she said it drove just like her old neon. Go figure!

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kinda sounds wierd comparing a neon to an excursion, hehe

anyways, here in houston i see excursions all over the place almost as many as expeditions it seems