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Excursion sales

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March 4, 1999
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Does anybody have an exact number? Out of all the driving I do, I've seen a total of 1, yes 1 on the streets. On dealer lots, I've seen 4, and 3 are still there. I believe that the Excursion was one of the biggest mistakes Ford made. If they would have an economist with a brain working for them, he could have forseen an increase in oil prices and a slowing economy in the near future. If stupidity wasn't behind building it, it was the need just to say I've got a bigger suv than you to Ch*vy which in the long run wasn't worth it. To me, making a luxo model in between the Explorer and Expedition would have made much more sense as it could be made to target the Grand Cherokee, which falls in that area.

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I see loads of Excursions driving around in Phoenix.

The Grand Cherokee actually has less interior room than the Explorer does. Much poorer visibility as well. I rented a Grand Cherokee and wasn't impressed at all. The Grand Cherokee was actually aimed at the Explorer market, but failed to make a dent in Explorer sales.

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tons of excursions here, deep in the heart of texas. they are everywhere.

All over the place in Colorado from what I've seen anyway.

I live in Northern NJ and I work in NYC. There are a ton of Excursions around my area. Seems like every Soccer Mom in town has picked one up. I don't really care for the design or the massive size, but people around here sure do. Seems like Ford dealers are having a hard time keeping them on the lot! I wish they would stop making it though, it makes my Explorer Sport looks sooooo small and helpless!!!!!!!

It seems like they're every place but here then. There might not be a lot of Excursions, but there are a ton of Super Duties. Maybe they're buying those instead.