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Exhaust dimension comparison - 4.0L vs 4.6L


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March 21, 2013
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06 Explorer XLT 4.6
I have to do a complete exhaust system replacement on my 06. I've looked through the forum but can't find anyone with this question. Will an exhaust system from a 4.0L bolt up to a 4.6L truck? I don't want to spend a grand on a Gibson cat-back system, and any of the other kits for v8s come with both a muffler and resonator because that's how the 4.6 exhaust system was designed. 4.0L applications do not have a resonator, only a muffler. So I'm thinking I can buy the piping kit for a 4.0 and get my own Flowmaster to bolt in. Has anyone done this? As far as I know, these trucks both came from the factory with 2.25 piping. I really can't find a difference between the two applications other than the v8 has a resonator. The dimensions look very similar. Can anyone here confirm if the systems are interchangeable? Pics of each exhaust system on Rockauto attached so you get my idea.



Shape of the Downpipes way different

in your pictures it shows the V8 has 2 mufflers, but the V6 has the resonator