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exhaust installed, ?


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January 14, 2004
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91 sport
I just had a new exhaust put on, delta 40 dual exhaust setup, and to be honest it is not what I expected, it is not that loud in fact not loud at all, I was thinking maybe there is a break in period, if so how long should this take, I have driven it about 75 miles, and just want an idea, like after a thousand miles it will be louder or what, thanks guys

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My flowmaster got louder and deeper as time went on. Its been about 3 years and it sounds 1000X better now than it did when I first had it installed. Give it a few months and see how it sounds then.

Should burn in after a couple weeks. Mine didn't sound 1000x better, only 327x better.

Me too, After first installing my flowmaster I thought something was wrong because it was soo quiet. :thumbdwn: but after about a month WOW what a difference :thumbsup: .Just give it some time...

pheewww, thanks guys i thought that something was blocking it up it sounded so quiet, hopefully it will break in and give me that flowmaster sound, I will give it about a month.....