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exhaust leak


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October 31, 2002
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Dimondale, Michigan
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'92 GT, '93 Limited
Howdy. My '93 Limited is leaking where the headers connect to the pipes, mostly on the passenger side. From my experience with other vehicles these connections usually have a tapered lead washer to seal it up.

I went to the local exhaust shop we've used before and he said that Fords don't use the lead washer thing. We tightened the bolts there but it's still leaking. He said that the manifold would need to be replaced but he didn't want to mess with it due to the possibility of breaking bolts.

The pipe's not rusted through. Can I have a weld put around it or something? Thanks.

My JBA headers did the same thing. The Y pipe to header was leaking, I tried a bunch of junk to get it to stop, exhaust putty, tighten the bolts, re-align the y pipe, etc.

I ended up sanding down the ball side and the cup side of the flange, this helped a great deal. Apparently one was just a bit out of round and some sanding helped seal it back up.

Maybe you could put a led washer in there? I dont know I wish I would have thought of that...

Lead gasket must be available

When I replaced my exhaust with a Flowmaster high flow cat and cat back exhaust both places where they joined were sealed with lead gaskets, they were part of the kit so I installed them both. It's been a year now with a LOT of off road time and no leaks for me.

was it a ball flange type fitting? cup and round ball end (Like the Ford Y pipe to exhaust manifolds?)