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Exhaust Manifold Crack


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June 21, 2013
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2017 Sport
Curious if anybody else has seen this. I brought in my limited for what sounded like a small exhaust leak. I was thinking a bad gasket, but I just got word that it is a hairline crack in the manifold.

Surprisingly - it is covered under warranty. Well - the manifold itself and labor are covered. The manifold gasket and studs they won't pay for (ridiculous but whatever). I'm going to try to take some pictures when I pick it up.

2013 limited with 86k miles

CPO or extended warranty? If the gasket (not covered) is required to be replaced due to another covered parts failure then the part that is not covered is then covered.

Another way to put it... A failed gasket would not be covered but if the gasket is a 1 time use thing and the part (manifold) must be replaced, then the 1 time use gasket is to be covered (if it is a Ford ESP).

Nah its not the ford, but they did sell it to me at time of purchase. MBPI is the warranty.

where is this crack, do you mind posting a picture?

I keep smelling something but only when I use fan to blow at my feet